The programs featured on this site are Active Council Members of the Sandwich Partnership for Families

While state licensure monitors safety and health standards for early childhood programs, these providers work to assure children in Sandwich have the programs and resources necessary to support their optimal development.

While all participating programs maintain high standards of quality, every program is unique and responds to the individual needs of each family in different ways.

The Sandwich Partnership for Families is proud of the diversity of programs available here in town and believes parent choice is essential in finding the right match for each family. Please spend some time getting to know which programs you think might be right for your child. Only the best “fit” for you and your child will do!

If there is more you would like to know, please call the Sandwich Partnership Office at 508-477-6600, ext.132, or email for further information.

Resources for Assistance:

Please call Child Care Network at 1-800-845-1999 for other programs offering assistance with the cost of childcare.
For information on Headstart opportunities, please call 1-800-974-8860, ext.325.

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