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May 22, 2020 Newsletter
This month, as we begin planning for the next two “virtual” months ahead, we need your help! In the last 6 weeks we have provided online activities, meetings, and playgroups. Which of these should we expand going forward? What is not as important to you? What could we add to help out your family? Your feedback is needed for us this spring, and also for the next year going forward.

Your participation in the on-line survey is critical to our continued programming, as we are happy to announce that the grants that fund our Sandwich Partnership programs, including the Discovery Center, have been posted. Now we need you to participate in helping us win their award!!

Everyone is encouraged to attend the Sandwich Partnership for Families Council Meeting on Thursday, May 7th at 2:30 to review and approve the grant. Will you email lmelillo@sandwich.k12.ma.us and let us know you can “virtually” attend so we may send you a Zoom invite? This week’s website content includes new guidance on parenting during a pandemic in our “ Did You Know? ” section. It reinforces Ms. Chris’s video segment on Volcano Breath s in the Learning Together Section. Have fun with the Story Circle segment on Eyes, Nose, Fingers Toes. Another related addition is the Boogie To Your Emotions - particularly good for the wet week ahead in the Movin & Groovin section! No-Bake Cookies are this week’s What’s Cooking? recipe- just mix & chill! Healthy, gluten-free goodness! Rainy Day Rides takes us back to Plymouth for the second look at Big Boats - this time the commercial fishing fleet. April Showers bring May flowers, so we go back to Hidden Hollow for their activity on cork stamping Cape Cod’s signature flower, the hydrangea in our Backyards & Beyond section. (For next week's idea on painting May flowers, save an empty water bottle or 1-liter bottle)

Since our office phone is not working, we have established a new phone number for you to call or text if you have a question, concern, or suggestion to offer. Please add 508-863-0317 to your contacts, and don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our new schedule for Zoom Calls will be:
Tuesdays at 10 with Miss Chris
Wednesdays at 4 with Lauren G.
Thursdays at 10 with Miss Chris
Fridays at 4 with Lauren G.

We hope you will join Mr. Parson’s Story Group on Facebook.

This will enable everyone who wants to join the Yoga Jamboree Facebook Live Class on Monday, Wed. & Fri. at 10 the opportunity to do so. If you have not received an invitation to join a call and would like to, just email us at lmelillo@sandwich.k12.ma.us and let us know which day you would like to be included in. We will happily send you an invitation with the link. Download (https://zoom.us/signin), and be ready for the call!

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Funding for these programs made possible by a Coordinated Community & Family Engagement Grant (CFCE) of the Mass. Dept. of Early Education & Care to the Sandwich Public Schools

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