Homemade Bubbles

What’s better than blowing bubbles on a warm, sunny day?

There’s no need to buy store-bought bubbles when you have sugar, dish soap and water handy at home. Just adding a little sugar to your homemade bubble recipe will make your bubbles last longer. The sugar slows down the water evaporation, which in turn keeps the bubbles from drying out so they stay intact for a longer period of time (unless of course, the bubble hits the ground – then all bets are off!)

● 1 tablespoon sugar
● 2 tablespoons dish soap (Joy and Dawn seem to work best)
● 1 cup of water

Mix all ingredients and stir gently until the sugar is dissolved.
Using a berry basket, a cookie cutter or just a plastic bottle with the end cut out, pour into a shallow flat pan. A frisbee, disposable pie plate, etc. works well. Blow huge bubbles! Repeat as many times as necessary!

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