Did you know

  • Audiobooks are a great replacement for a nap – children sit, listen, imagine, etc.!
  • Kids can learn to write at a young age trying to tell stories with the shapes, letters or squiggles they do know !
  • You get four people into Buttonwood Zoo in New Bedford for free, with a library pass !
  • Boston Children’s Museum is $1 per person on Fridays from 5 till 9 PM !
  • Hoopla is a great free online resource through the library for educational eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, language, lessons, etc. !
  • Have kids do art while in the tub – super easy clean up !
  • You can make your own food coloring from foods that won’t make your kids hyper !
  • Homemade slime is just cornstarch and water with food coloring! Just play with the amounts until it has the desired consistency.

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